Why to choose our Bitcoin Analysis?

BTC Gain Professional Bitcoin analysis in Telegram channel. Bitcoin is most realiable and well performed coin. It has approved constant interest from the biggerst investors in the Crypto Market.Our Expirience  started 2010  including Technical Analysis,Astronomical Analysis ( Gann Theory ) , trading signals and warnings of Market manipulations.Via our telegram channel you will receive immediately new Analysis ,signal for opening position and signals for closing possition. 

Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis

Over 10 year of expirience in Technical  Analysis will bring best possible and accurate predictions

Astro Analysis

Astro Analysis

Using Gann Theory we have found cycles that would additionaly bring values from the Astronomy to your regular analysis and improve trading

Trading signals

Trading signals

We will provide trading signals including enter level, stop loss and projected target prices.Will work for improvement of your profits and try to always inform you when market has changed via our Telegram channel.

Warnings of market  manipulations

Warnings of market manipulations

There are certain levels and  certain situation when market manipulators will try to sweep out tops and bottoms ,and we will do our best to inform about such dangerous. 

Chart of the day


Bitcoin come higher last few days , now currently stay around 22k. The 21800 zone is important for H4 trend and if we see break, will be very positive sign for overall trend. I see bearish divergence on weekly, daily, H4 and H1 . Weekly and daily divergences can continue for longer period from few days to few week But is a sign to thing about. Just technicall when there is a such divergence we can expect even new bottom ( <18500) .On smaller Time Frame as H1 and H4 price is looking for mid term support ideal place would be 19600-500 from where we could see Big drop to 18000 zone .. or start higher retest towards 25k. Биткойн направи добро движение на горе последните дни и се застоя около 22 сега. Зоната около 21800 е много важна за 4 часовия тренд,ако видим ясен пробив там ще има много позитивен ефект. Има мечи дивергенции по седмична, дневна, 4 часова и едночасова графика. Технически тази диверция по дневна и по седмична може да доведе до цени под 18500.На по малките фреймове цената би трябвало да корегира до 19500-600. Ако решат да изпържат пак играчите от 19500 ще се изсипе до 18 или по на долу за обиране на всички стопове.

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What our Customers Said?

Our happy customers vary from advanced futures trades and beginers trying to learn trading on spot due to high volatile market.Having correct analyses on Bitcoin easily you can predict when alt coins will drop or jump. Better to invest in knowledge than waste money and time.